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Digital Advertising

Get more targeted ideas for ads, improve landing page conversions, nurture leads with retargeting

Facebook Advertising Ideas

The Facebook Advertising Ideas AI tool helps by providing advertising content, hints and tips to increase your visbility on Facebook through paid ads.

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LinkedIn Advertising Ideas

The LinkedIn Advertising Ideas AI tool helps you to use LinkedIn more effectively to advertise your business, products or services to your target users.

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Lead Nurturing

The Lead Nurturing AI tool suggests strategies including email, social, content, events and offers that can used to maintain interest and engagement with potential customers, turning cold leads into prospects.

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Calls To Action

The Calls To Action AI tool will identify CTAs that motivate your visitors to take a desired action, such as subscribing or purchasing. The tool will provide feedback on how likely a CTA is to be effective, and provide additional CTAs to try.

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Buyer Personas

The Buyer Personas AI tool helps you to create detailed profiles of your ideal customers. The personas can be used to inform optimization and marketing efforts to match the personas needs, pain points and desires.

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Content Calendar

The Content Calendar AI tool can help to plan and organize a content publishing schedule based on national holidays, events and seasons, for your target market and your target users.

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