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Get a Google quality rating, explore new content ideas, optimize for search, target content for users

Google Quality Checker

The Google Quality Checker is based on questions that Google recommends for a website owner to ask about their site. The tool uses AI to provide objective feedback on a webpage, based on Google's guidance.

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Evergreen Articles

The Evergreen Articles AI tool provides suggestions related to your current content, for new articles that will remain relevant and drive traffic to your site over a long period.

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Supporting Articles

The Supporting Articles AI tool provides suggestions for supplementary content that can enhance and support your main content, improving your site's authority and user experience.

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Social Proof

The Social Proof AI tool provides analysis and optimization advice to improve the trust and authority of your webpage through social proof optimization.

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Schema Markup Audit

The Schema Markup AI tool looks at the existing schema on your page. Then based on your content, it suggests additional, relevant schema that could be added. The tool works with many different schema types.

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Meta Tag Ideas

The Meta Tag Ideas AI tool provides meta title and description test ideas. It generates multiple variations of tags that are matched to your page content. You can edit the tags and export them as ready to use HTML.

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Targeted Engaging Content

The Targeted Engaging Content AI tool provides content ideas for your ideal page visitor. After analyzing your content to create a buyer persona, it guides you to create content that resonates specifically with them.

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Targeted Google Clicks

The Targeted Google Clicks AI tool examines your page content to identify three user personas likely to search for it in Google. It evaluates your existing meta title and description then suggests meta tags optimized for the personas.

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Top Ranking Titles

The Top Ranking Meta AI tool analyzes your page content and looks at Google's top titles and descriptions for your chosen keyword. Then it rewrites your current title and description tags, based on top performing pages.

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