AI Tools


Sell to more people, more often, clarify your message, target your ideal customers, increase quality

Cross Selling And Upselling

The Cross Selling And Upselling AI tool offers strategies for recommending related products or more expensive options with the aim of increasing the total value of your sales.

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Clarity and Persuasion

The Clarity and Persuasion AI tool extracts phrases that are designed to influence a user to take action. The tool will assess each phrase and suggest improvements for weak phrases as well as additional examples to consider.

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Buyer Personas

The Buyer Personas AI tool helps you to create detailed profiles of your ideal customers. The personas can be used to inform optimization and marketing efforts to match the personas needs, pain points and desires.

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Calls To Action

The Calls To Action AI tool will identify CTAs that motivate your visitors to take a desired action, such as subscribing or purchasing. The tool will provide feedback on how likely a CTA is to be effective, and provide additional CTAs to try.

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Social Proof

The Social Proof AI tool provides analysis and optimization advice to improve the trust and authority of your webpage through social proof optimization.

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Google Quality Checker

The Google Quality Checker is based on questions that Google recommends for a website owner to ask about their site. The tool uses AI to provide objective feedback on a webpage, based on Google's guidance.

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